We are the Friends of Bristow Park and Bird Sanctuary

The Friends of Bristow Park and Bird Sanctuary are dedicated to the revitalization, preservation and stewardship of this nearly 100 year old park.  Conveniently nestled just south of New Canaan’s downtown, this vital “Green Link” park provides 17 acres of a variety of habitats for birds, hosts a unique mixture of riparian and upland hardwood forest, multiple walking trails, and a charming tranquil pond.  Please consider becoming a Friend by making a donation or volunteering your time.

Centennial of New Canaan Bristow Bird Sanctuary

The Helen and Alice Bristow Bird Sanctuary and Wildwood Preserve will mark its 100th anniversary on September 8, 2024. This centennial celebration honors a century of conservation efforts, beginning with the sanctuary’s establishment in 1924 by the New Canaan Bird Protective Society. Read more

Tour New Canaan’s Bristow Bird Sanctuary, the third-oldest bird sanctuary in the US

 Coming up on five years of planning and work, the revitalization of one of the country’s oldest bird sanctuaries is finally approaching its final stretch in time for its 100 year anniversary. Read more